you need
  • - Russified version of Adobe Photoshop CS5
Open any image: click the menu item "File" then "Open" (this action can be performed fasterby pressing the key combination Ctrl + O), select the file and click "Open" button.Select the area on the image using the tools "rectangular area" (hotkey M, switching between adjacent elements Shift + M) or "lasso» (L, shifting - Shift + L).In our case, it does not matter what kind of area, so give out any.Alpha channel is created.
Save selection in two ways.First, find the window "Layers" (if it is not, call him a hot key F7), locate it on the tab « channels » and click the button "Save the selection to a new channel," which is located in the lower right corner of the window.Second, click the
menu item "Selecting» & gt;"Save Selection» & gt;"OK".Optionally, you can specify a name for the new alpha channel.
saved alpha channels, they also highlighted areas are in the tab « channels » in the window "Layers".Next to each of them is an emblem, a miniature showing the selection: the region itself is white, and the rest - black.Access to each channel is carried out using hot keys, combinations of which are listed there, in the channel list to the right of each of them.To deselect, use the Ctrl + D.
To load a previously saved channel, select "Highlight» & gt;"Load Selection".In the window that appears, note the field "Document" (if you are currently working in multiple documents) and "Channel" (if a particular document multiple selections).After selecting the desired alpha channel, click "OK".
If you want to keep the result, click the menu item "File", then click "Save As" (or a combination of Shift + Ctrl + S), select the path, write the name of the file, select Jpeg field"Files of type" and click "Save".