program to crack numeric values ​​in computer games Cheat Engine is designed for those who want to make the gameplay easier and more comfortable by increasing the amount of money, ammunition or points characteristics.In many games, the characters are forced to subsist on starvation rations, saving ammunition and carefully planning costs.Cheat Engine allows you to feel much more relaxed, because with this program you can change any of those in the game that you need.
You must first download and install the program.On the Internet there are many resources from which you can download it free of charge.Once the program is installed and running, you need to run the game you are going to break.Remember the set is now in the game the value of mone
y or weapons, press Alt + Tab and in the Cheat Engine, click the flashing button to a schematic representation of the computer.A list of all active processes running on your computer, you need to select it with the process of the game.Now enter the previously memorized value in the "Value" and click "Start Scan".
program finds several memory cells that store the desired value.To weed out the superfluous, switch back to the game, change the amount of money or ammunition, enter the new number in the Cheat Engine and click "Screenings".This procedure must be repeated several times until the number of found addresses is reduced to a minimum.Remaining after the eliminations of the address should be moved to the bottom of the table by double-clicking the left mouse button.
Now you only have to enter the value of money, ammunition or experience points that you want, click "New Scan", and you can switch back to the game where your character has to be more than assured.