explore the world of Skyrim, playing an archer, many think the best choice, given that well-trained archer in the game is able to simply not let enemies on dangerous distance, destroying them from afar.Besides onions helps to hunt dragons flying in the sky.Choice bows in the game is quite large, but the arrows sometimes lack.This is especially true of the most expensive kinds of arrows: elven, glass and Daedric.Even if you buy them from dealers all met, at the decisive moment, they may end up.
Due to the official the possibility of creating different user modifications to the game have been resolved many games defects and problems, including the added ability to self-prod
uction of different types of arrows.On the Internet you can find sites Skyrim fans of the game and download the appropriate modification.The most popular mod for the manufacture of arrows is Arrowsmith, which lets you create any arrows from suitable materials.
As a rule, the skill of creating arrows in these modifications depends on the degree of skill of blacksmithing.Because players often choose one of the two branches of pumping blacksmith skills (light or heavy armor), there are several versions of the same fashion.Choose the one in which your character will not need to spend extra points "smithing" to produce the required arrow.Also do not forget that for the most expensive arrows require quite rare ingredients.The process of manufacture of arrows similar to the manufacture of any other object in the forge, you just need to select the corresponding line interface.
Finally, in addition to the official Skyrim called Dawnguard, was also introduced the ability to create arrows.Supplement was published in 2012 and can now provide themselves with ammunition without installing third-party modifications.However, the requirements to the skills of blacksmithing and ingredients in addition do not differ from those that exist in versions.