download a program to control the speed of rotation of the disk in the drive.Start a browser and type in the address bar the following text: or on the link to download the installation file or archive to work without installation.The first link is to the website of the author of the domestic utility CDSlow - free tool to manage the drives.The second link you can download a 30-day trial version of a program package of Nero.
When you select a note that Nero offers more features for the diagnosis parameters and capabilit
ies of your equipment, has a nice interface and a wide range of parameters.At the same time, she paid and more complicated to use.Russian utility distributed with no restrictions on the term of use, does not have the additional features and fully controlled from the system area of ​​the screen.And she and the other program is quite cope with its main task - sets the maximum speed of reading discs.
Install or remove a program from the archive.Double-click on a file with the extension exe, to start the installation wizard, and then answer the questions - that is, press the "Next" button or Next.If you downloaded the zip-file, simply right-click on the file, select "Extract" and select the appropriate folder.The principal difference between these options is not.Just for someone easier to get a desktop shortcut to launch the program, and who, on the contrary, it is more convenient to run the utility as needed from a folder on your hard drive or flash drive.
Activate program.Click on the desktop shortcut or the executable file CDSlow in the program folder.In the lower right corner of the screen, near the clock, you will see a stylized drive icon.Move your mouse over this icon and click the left button to display the menu and change the read speed of discs.You will see a line with the name of the drive or drives on your computer.Above the current speed will be shown in the form of «x48» or the like.
Click on this line to change the current settings and set the desired speed.The smaller number you specify, the slower the drive will work.After a right-click menu you can call up settings and select the program to start automatically with Windows, and other operating parameters.