Tip 1: How to disable digital signature verification

Driver program name, providing interaction with computer hardware and devices.Digital signature - an electronic security tags, off which is not recommended, but if necessary, this operation is carried out with standard tools Windows.
Click "Start" to enter the main menu system, and navigate to the item "Run" to launch the command line tool.
Lead value gpedit.msc in the "Open" and click OK to confirm the command.
Open the "User Configuration in the list in the left part of the window" Local Group Policy Editor ", click the right mouse button on the section, and then click" Change ".
Use the checkbox on the "Disable" in the "Digital signature device driver" and click "Apply".
Confirm your selection by pressing OK.Alternativnym way to disable the verification of digital signatures drivers is to use a special mode load Windows.
Press the F8 key immediately after turning on the computer to enter the boot menu, select the mode.Depending on the ve
rsion of the operating system, a transition in drive selection menu to load Windows.In this case, select the drive on which Windows is installed, and press Enter.Then again quickly press the F8 key function until the Windows startup menu to enter download mode.
Select "Disable mandatory testing signature drivers" and press Enter to execute the command.Loading the operating system will be made in a special mode that allows to perform all work as normal, but does not require verification of digital signatures device drivers.
Reboot the computer to return to normal operation.
Close Warning about the absence of a digital signature have the correct driver in the event of and continue.The driver will be installed.

Tip 2: How to disable digital signature

driver - a program that ensures the correct interaction between the computer hardware and devices.Digital signature driver is security label indicating the software developer.
How to disable the digital signature
When you connect a new device to a computer operating system makes an attempt to find and install the driver for this device.This sometimes appears notification found the driver.The system will warn you that the driver has changed, it has not been signed or not can be set.Then you yourself make the decision to continue installation, or to seek other software.
If you decide to install an unsigned driver to disconnect or verify a digital signature, be aware of the possible risk.The file can be easily tampered with or replaced by a virus - in this case a violation occurs stable operation of your system.
To disable the Driver Signing open the "Start" menu and click "Run."In the window that appears, type gpedit.msc.The new window will be "Group Policy on the local computer."Open the option "User Configuration".In it, select "Administrative Templates."At the bottom of the list, locate the folder "System", open it and double-click on the icon "signing device drivers."
In the window that opens, you can set the status of the service.If you select "Enable", you will have the opportunity to set the action of the system when installing the driver without a digital signature.Highlight "Disable" and click "Apply", then press Ok.Checking digital signatures disabled drivers.
  • disable digitally signed drivers
established not signed driver only if it received a license disk manufacturer.
Helpful Hint
Use the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider (DSEO) for self-signature unverified drivers.
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