you need
  • PC program Video Paint
For this there are special programs.For example, Video Paint.This program allows you to create special effects in movies and various video commercials.Run the utility.Open a new project.Select the options you want.Click "OK".You will have a white box created project.At the bottom of the window you'll see a virtual tape with footage of the future film.If you click on any frame of this "tape" workspace takes a selected frame.First of all, you need to change the background color of the future of the video clip.To do this, run the following command.Click «Frame» and «FilmColor».Choose any color palette proposed, not white.This you'll need in order to make t
he effect more visible.Select a rectangular area in the program window.Right-click context menu.Select the commands «Soft Edges».
This displays a small window in which to set the numerical value of about twenty.Then you will see that the edges rounded rectangle.Now re-call, right-click context menu.Select line «Fill».As a result of this operation, the selection frame will be filled with some color.Still selected, perform the "Copy" and "Paste".You now have a new layer.Copy it to all subsequent frames.To do this, in the menu, choose «Edit» and «Power Duplicate».Look at the chain frame at the bottom of the program window.If you did everything right, all rectangular frames will "screen".Now create a progressive effect of his painting.To do this, use the macro.Start drawing on your frame.
When creating the animation is complete, stop the macro recording mode.To do this, click on «Recording».You will see a small window with a proposal to create a macro to save under any name.Click on to create a macro, and hold the mouse button, drag it onto the stage.During this window will appear with additional settings.There are several options for using the macro.Firstly, the final result can be applied to all frames simultaneously.At the same time, of course, no animation will not be observed, since all of the frames of the clip will contain the same pattern.Secondly, in the «Macro Playing Options» you can set the progressive animation.Set, for example, progressive mode macro «Progressive».Export video is performed using the command «File», hereinafter «Create Video File».