One of the most common tools for video editing is VirtualDub, because of its small size and broad functionality.VirtualDub Download the archive from the official website of the program and extract it using the archiver (WinRAR or WinZIP).
Go to the extracted folder and run the file virtualdub.exe.In the window that opens, select File - Open video.Enter the path to the video file that you want to reduce.Wait until its discovery and display in the player.
Go to the tab Video - Filters the upper pane.In the menu that appears, click Add.Among the list of available filters, click the resize, and then Ok.
menu select Filter resize the width of the new parameters (width) and height (height) video images.If you want to play the file on your device
, adjust these settings in accordance with the resolution of the display.For example, if the screen has a resolution of 176x220, the width to indicate the value of 176, and for height - 220. Find out the width and height of the display you can in the specification of your device, in the instructions for use and on the internet by typing in the search for the model name.
After making all the settings, click Ok.Go to the tab File - Save, to save the settings.The size of the image is changed.
There are many other converters that allow to reduce the video.For example, application Format Factory.The program has a set of presets for different screens, has the ability to save the modified video in a variety of formats including mp4 and 3gp, which is most common in mobile devices.Changing the file format to reduce its volume and that it is important for phones and players with little memory.