you need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet;
  • - browser;
  • - antivirus installed Avast.
Run antivirus "Avast", right-click on the shortcut icon at the bottom of the screen (the blue ball with the letter "A"), select "About avast!" To obtain a license key for"Avast".Then click on "License Key".Highlight the box with the registration, click on the "Buy Now".Next you will be redirected to the website of the "Avast", select the type of license out there and make it.To install the key, go to the key, insert it in the appropriate field.Click "OK".The program can be used after the evaluation period of sixty days during the time that the license is purchased.
Visit the website of the program "AvastĀ» , then select the prog
ram that is installed on your computer (anti-virus version), click onthe link with the title, will open the order key.In this window, you can order a key for "Avast" corporate version.In the first field, enter the name of the organization for which you need a key, then enter the name of the contact person who is responsible to the company for the software in the following fields enter contact information (email address, phone number), enter the number of licenses, and,if necessary, add additional information.Click the "Send form".
Go to the site "Avast" to insert this into your browser the following link: , enter your e-mail address and other personaldata, press "Submit".In your e-mail will be sent to key "Avast".For home versions of antivirus key requests indefinitely.To get the password for the "Avast", follow the link , on this page, select the I'm a registered user and my registration key has expired, I need a new one, continue to enter the e-mail address to which the key was sent last time.Better to use a mailbox at or another foreign server.When the key is received, right-click on the program icon in the system tray, select "About Avast", then press the "License key" and enter it into the field.