you need
  • - Computer;
  • - emulator VirtuaNES;
  • - emulator Gens.
emulator consoles is a kind of software with which you can run on the computer games that were developed for the console.Each prefix has its emulator, or rather several.Next will be considered in the process of setting graphics emulators for the most popular console in the past.
first emulator that will be discussed is called VirtuaNES.With it you can run the game for 8-bit consoles (SUBOR
, Dendy), and many others of their peers.Immediately it should be noted that all the emulators for the video are free.They are very easy to find on the Internet and download.VirtuaNES does not require installation.Simply unzip the archive to any folder.To start the emulator, double left-click on the executable file VirtuaNES.exe.The emulator is launched.
Top window select Option, then from the menu - Graphics.In the window that appears, locate the line Resolution, which means "resolution."Set the maximum rate that is supported by your monitor.Now, locate the Full screen.Check the box next to the line Sync drawing.Close the current window.Then again, open the Option.But this time, select Full screen.Now emulator transferred to full-screen mode.You can run games, which will now be run in full-screen mode.
second emulator, which will be considered, allows you to run the game console Sega Gens.The emulator is called Gens.Run the program.In the main menu, select Graphics.Next, from the menu select the check box next to the line VSync.After also check the box next to the parameter Sprite Limit.Then choose Full screen.The emulator will open in full screen mode.Therefore, games that you will run, will also be opened in this mode.