you need
  • - Adobe Photoshop or another image editing program with similar functionality.
Download the program Adobe Photoshop, it is best to the latest version.Install it on your computer, following the instructions of the installer menu.Use the trial period action or purchase a license to use the program from the manufacturer.It may also be any graphical editor supporting this feature, the circuit further action will be approximately the same as that in the case of application Photoshop.
Open the installed program Photoshop.Select "Create a new file", set the parameters of its original name, and size.You can also open using the same menu is available anytime you have an image on your computer.On the left toolbar, select "Draw a circle."
Draw a circle the diameter of your desired text, which will
be located at the edges.If you do not want to be seen contours, make a circle of the same color as the background of the image.You can also choose any other shape or draw your own, to its contour text will be placed in the same manner as in the case and the circle.
Select the tool with the image of the letters, click on the right mouse button, click a horizontal or vertical text mask.It may also have a different name depending on the version and the availability of VMware Workstation.Adjust the print - the font, font size, indentation, spacing, and so on.
Click on the image circle, once on its axis inclined flashing cursor appears, write your text and secure layer.Keep in mind that not to put letters and words will not appear in the picture, so it is best to place the font to calculate in advance.
Save the image using the menu "File", "Save As ...".Set the desired quality settings before closing.