Tip 1: How to set a theme for Windows XP and Vista

Anyone trying to set up installed on his computer operating system to your personal taste.For instance, trying to establish themes for Windows, that best fit his tastes.However, this process is not as simple as it first seems.Here it is necessary to observe some rules.

How to install theme for Windows XP?

most common operating system is to date Windows XP.There are several methods to upgrade the standard theme.

1. Download the archive, which is a file format .msstyles, and unpack it.

2. Install this file in several ways.

  • Method 1.

    format files «* theme» and «* msstyles», folder «shell» are located in the directory «C: WINDOWSResourcesThemesnazvanie temy.theme."

  • Method 2.

    file format «* msstyles», folder and directory «shell» are located in the directory «C: WINDOWSResourcesThemespapkanazvanie temy.msstyles."

  • method 3.

    file format «* msstyles» is located in the directory «C: WINDOWSResourcesThemespapkanazvanie temy.msstyles."

If you run the file format .msstyles window p

ops up with the classical theme, it is necessary to remove pre-program WindowBlinds.

happens that new threads are not consistent with the operating system.In this situation, you need to patch a number of system files using UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0 or UXTender, which produce modification of system files.Through it provides support for third-party themes in Windows XP.


How to install themes for Windows Vista?

Installing themes workspace in the Windows Vista operating system is made more complex way than "competing" for Windows XP.The reason for this is that Vista include a ban on modifying system files.Because in order to properly set the theme for Windows Vista, the program must use Vista Visual Master.

Another option - to change the system files manually using the software Vista Glazz.In this case, all the work is carried out in steps:

  • Install the program, restart your computer.

  • Copy the contents of the folder with the subject and the file extension .msstyles directory «C: WindowsResourcesThemes».

  • Open on the desktop in the "Personalization" to "Color" and "The appearance of the windows."Select the action "Open classic appearance properties for more color options."Here you can set the desired theme.

  • Turning off UAC in parental control option "Enable or Disable User Account Control" in the "User Accounts" in the Control Panel.Restarting the computer.

  • Select unpacked archive «TakeOwnership» file «InstallTakeOwnership» and run it.

  • folder «C: WindowsSystem32» copy files «browseui.dll» and «shell32.dll» and store elsewhere.

  • on file «browseui.dll» open the right-click context menu, select «Take Ownership».Then repeat the action, but already point to choose "Properties", "Safety", "Change", "Administrator" by setting all permissions.Thus, we get the opportunity to manage your files.

  • All similar actions are performed, and the file «shell32.dll».

  • re-open on the desktop in the "Personalization" to "Color" and "The appearance of the windows."We set up a new topic.

Tip 2: How to install themes for vista

Windows Vista operating system has a very wide possibilities of personalization.This means that the user can customize the look and layout of the controls operating system in full accordance with their tastes and preferences.One of the most powerful tools of personalization are threads desktop.The theme is a set of backgrounds and screensavers desktop system sounds, shortcuts, folders, and programs executed in the same style.
How to install themes for vista
you need
  • computer, the operating system Windows Vista, utility UXTheme Multi-Patcher, basic skills for setting up and installing the software.
The simplest method is the addition of their installation from Microsoft.To do this, click anywhere on the screen right mouse button and from menu select "Personalize."In the window you will see a hyperlink themes "Other topics the internet."Clicking on it will take you to the download page for the Microsoft.However, the choice is very limited there.
To install the "unofficial" theme, you must first "unlock" file, which contains information about the installed themes.To do this, install and run the utility UXTheme Multi-Patcher, and that will make this operation.
Then select and download the installation files to your favorite topics.Run the selected theme .In line installation path, specify «C: WindowsResourcesThemes».If the operating system is installed on a different logical drive, change the name of the drive "C" with the letter of the system drive.
Wait until the installation is complete.Go to the menu "Personalization" and activate a new theme that will be added to the list of existing ones.
Many sites with themes for Windows offered their installation methods.This is due to the fact that developers are "invent" their own ways of adding to those in Windows.Of course, if a particular subject attached instructions on how to install, it must adhere to.
  • Themes for Windows
  • how to put the topic of personalization


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