you need
  • - Hide Blur;
  • - Glass2k
Call the context menu by right-clicking on an empty area of ​​the desktop and navigate to the item "Personalization» (Personalize) to turn off transparency in the operation of windows.
Specify item "Color and Appearance window» (Window Color and Appearance) and select the color of the windows s proposed models in the upper part of the screen.
Click "Show setting colors» (Show color mixer) for self-determination of the color windows with sliders to adjust the colors appear.
Use the slider "The brightness of color» (Color intesity) to manually adjust the transparency of the window borders.The leftmost position controller provides maximum tra
nsparency, extreme right - the maximum intensity of the selected color.
Uncheck the field "Enable transparency" to completely disable the transparency effect windows.
Download and unzip the application HideBlur to simplify the operation parameter editing window transparency.
Run Patch Blur x86.bat (or Patch Blur x64.bat for 64-bit operating system) to cancel the matt effect.
Use Enable Blur.bat file to remove the transparency effect window, or select Unpatch Blur.bat to recover previous visual system parameters.
Restart the computer to apply the selected changes.
Glass2k Select the utility to be able to control the effect of transparency of windows from the computer keyboard.
Use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + 1 to set the maximum transparency of the windows or execute rollover Ctrl + Shift + 0 to disable the transparency effect.The degree of transparency of the windows selected in the range from 0 to 9, and the selected value is stored in the memory and is used to restart.