Tip 1: How to get around a ban on access

Many companies control the activity of their employees on the Internet.To do this, use the lock sites, which are filled with entertainment content, or simply do not work-related.Using one of the simple ways you can easily get around the ban on access to the site you want.
use anonymizer.Anonymizer - a website that provides services to view blocked sites.The page you requested is sent to a proxy server, and then forwarded to your computer.Anonymizer allows you to encrypt logs when viewing the log can be found just a fact of visiting the service.You can also disable the loading of executable scripts, java, and flash applications.To use this service, you need to go to the website and enter the anonymizer desired site in the address bar, located on the site.Keep in mind that the majority of Russian-speaking services are made to view social networking sites, so it access to these sites can be paid.
You can also use the browser Opera mini.The specifics of this browser is that it
sends the page that you request, via the server opera.com, where they are compressed and then sent to your computer.Initially, this browser has been designed for use on mobile phones, so in order to run it on your computer, you need to install java emulator.
Use specialized services for the compression of traffic.You can find them by entering the appropriate request to the search engine.They operate on the same principle as the anonymizer, the only difference - is that when sending information that you request, and it is also more compressed, which reduces the amount of traffic that is spent on loading.
To view pages on the Internet you can also use the search engine cache google.Type your website in the search box, and then deployed it in the search results.Click on the link "Cached".You will be redirected to the page that is a copy of the site you want stored in the temporary memory of the search engine google.

Tip 2: How to set up proxy

proxy server - a special computer, which brokered the user accesses a variety of Internet resources.If access to the Internet without using a proxy user directly accesses the web page or other resource, when the user accesses through a proxy to the proxy server, and the necessary resource requests already own.

must configure the proxy can occur for several reasons.Using a proxy server can help to speed up downloading information from the Internet and save the Internet traffic in the event that multiple users for "proxy", that is connected through it require the same information.In this case the information is uploaded to the server once and cached on it, and each user gets access to it without the re-loading from the Internet.

Proxy overcomes the limitations of certain Internet resources.For example, can block certain website visitors with Russia, or vice versa, non-Russian IP-address.When connected through the American or European proxies you can easily fix this problem.

To start using Internet resources through a proxy server, you must configure the proxy.Customize need programs that work with online data, such as a browser, download manager, mail client.This is done very simply, for example, the Internet Explorer browser is configured:

1. Click Tools - Internet Options, select the Connections tab.

2. Select the connection used, or press the "Network Setup", when accessed on a local network.

3. Check the box "Use proxy", enter the proxy address and port.These data provide a system administrator, and if we are talking about free proxy on the Internet, they can be found on his page.

4. Click OK for the changes to take effect.

Setup is complete, now you get the information through the proxy server.You can check this using the service, displaying IP-address of the visitor, for example, or http://moi-ip.ru/ http://2ip.ru/.If everything was done correctly, as an IP address, you should see the address of your proxy server.It is this address will be considered as "your" and other resources that you will be attending.


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