you need
  • PC, internet
To quickly unlock the computer, you must enter the code .Currently s code to get rid of banners provide two free antivirus companies: Dr.The Web and Kaspersky.To obtain it, you need to perform certain actions.Ask for help from friends who have access to the Internet or take advantage of the Internet access.Fortunately, this is no problem.Internet access now have virtually every user.Go to the site, make sure the official, Dr.Web.
in the address bar, type the link where you can get the code unlock : .This is the link to get the code and unlock .Then do one of three th
ings.First, enter the text that came with the banner.Second, enter the phone number where you will be invited to transfer an amount.Third, get a banner among the available online images.
If code unlock not received, go to the official website of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus.Type in the address bar link: .In the window that opens, fill in the field, where you specify the phone number.Click on the tab "Get code ยป.
After code obtained, enter it on your computer.Unlocking is made.Never send money to fraudsters.In this way, you will never get code and unlock your computer.If you send a paid message, the answer will come to you in any additional paid subscription news, and code and will not be, because the fraudsters have thought through the entire system.You can send a thousand times, and code s still not come.