Tip 1: How to make the icons transparent

Today, it is impossible to work in the line of operating systems Windows without the use of desktop icons.The so-called icons of shortcuts or files designed to graphically display the contents of objects.Almost all icons originally created by program developers or applications.After installing these applications and the withdrawal of a shortcut on the desktop it is possible to replace your personal shortcut icon.Sometimes the background icon is opaque, which significantly affects the appearance of the icons.To learn how to make it transparent, read this article.
you need
  • Editing applet "System Properties."
Most often opaque background of icons on the desktop is called a special reduction of the load of the operating system on the computer as a whole.Every graphic element on every screen update requests information from the system when performing this action may be involved not only the CPU and RAM, and a hard drive with the card.If you believe that your computer is relatively o
utdated and can not cope with all the tasks, it makes sense to change the settings for the graphical display for a faster operating system.
To enable or disable a transparent background at the desktop icons, you must run the applet "System Properties."This action can be done in 2 ways:
- click "Start" menu, select "Control Panel."In the window, double-click "System";
- right-click on the icon "My Computer", select "System Properties."
In the window that opens, navigate to the tab "Advanced".Click "Options" in the "Performance".
New window "Performance Options" check the box opposite the item "Special Effects".The following list is necessary to put a mark against the item "Drop Shadow icon on the desktop" for the appearance of transparency, icons, or icons will not be transparent.
Click "OK" to save the changes.

Tip 2: How to make the icons transparent

Icon - visible display of a file, folder or other object in the program window.Appearance settings of the folder where the objects are located, allow resizing icons , as well as give them transparency.
How to make the icons transparent
Open any folder.In the menu "Service" open line "Folder Options."Next, open the tab "View" and scroll through the list of options.Find the option "Show hidden files and folders", put the point in the circle next to it.Click "OK" and close the menu.
Open the folder in which you want to make icons transparent.Select all the objects placed there by pressing "Ctrl-A".Instead, you can move the cursor to the upper left corner and hold the left mouse button, drag the cursor to the lower right corner.
Click on one of the selected objects, right-click and select the context menu line "Properties".Instead, you can press the appropriate button to the right of the right "Alt".In the "General" tab, find the field with the attributes and put a check mark next to the attribute "hidden".Click "OK" and close the menu "Properties".The icons become translucent.


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