First of all, it should be noted that a program called a la "speed boost interneta.exe" a few kilobytes in size, will never solve the problem, but rather the contrary create them.The fact that in most cases lies under that file virus, and data files are located, usually at the free sites.The benefit of such "applications" would almost certainly will not miss the antivirus system (block), there is no program, "accelerating the Internet" in two clicks.It is a fraud (to beg Members sms code) or a virus.
order to pump at maximum speed, you need to find out what speed you tariff plan.After that, check, and whether the declared tariff plan speed - the actual connection speed?Make it easy enough.You need to check your connection via the online test (for example, fully convinced (optional make screenshots) you can contact
the technical support of your ISP or forum (section support). The problem should be eliminated.
often speed lower than specified because of the way download. It concerns a download manager. If you have a "standard", especially from the Internet Explorer, the problems speed th, opens the races, lack of basic functions is not surprising, because the manager they just do not haveand naturally for normal download need to find him an alternative. One of the most versatile options - it Download Master, and for the Mozilla Firefox browser and Google Chrome will suit the application DownThemAll.
not always speed dependsyour connection, even if technical recommendations are met.The fact that the majority of file-sharing networks (eg, torrent, dc ++, emule, etc.) do not have a standard speed, and there download speed depends on the settings of the user program from which you download the information.
If low speed on a normal site, most likely it is caused by the fact that the server is overloaded or website under maintenance.Usually, after a while it will be possible to download at regular speed.