Tip 1: How to create a CD with software

boot disk with programs is functional and user-friendly device that will allow you to install on your PC the different programs and operating systems.Data recovery and error correction - is the main task of the boot ROM software well.For his recordings need Nero Burning Rom.
Put into your computer clean drive for recording and open the program Nero.In the menu, select "File" tab and then "Open."The window for creating a new project.Specify a drive you want to create: DVD, or CD.If you choose DVD- drive , then select the drive device DVD-ROM, if the CD- drive - CD-ROM.
In the column titled "Source of boot image data" tab, select the "Image File".By default, the path to the boot disk y, ie,to his image.If you want to use to record another boot image as a knowledgeable user, you must first create it, and then specify the path to its own file, select the tab "Overview."If you did everything correctly, press "Record", a pre-specified in the settings burning speed at w
hich you want to record the disc .
then open Windows Explorer.In this window, select the folders and files that you need to record your CD drive well.Filling volume drive and programs and files, re-press the "Record".In the window to record the default project indicated that you selected CD-ROM drive.If necessary, specify which drive you want to use.Next in the lower right corner click on the "Burn", not forgetting to select the speed at which you want to record the disc .
After recording drive and opens a small window with information.After reviewing it, make sure there are no errors during burning drive well.If there are no complaints, click "OK".The window burn drive and click on the button "Done".Automatically open drive gadfly for seizures drive well.
your bootable CD-ROM successfully created.It is ready to use, it can be run on any computer that uses the operating system Windows.

Tip 2: How to create a DVD-ROM with menus

Any dvd disc has a menu from which you can select a desired scene from the video, play the video or choose a language.Weddings, holidays, graduations and birthdays begin with a spectacular menu.Create it can be with the help of special programs.
How to create a DVD disc with menus
you need
  • - a program for creating dvd disks;
  • - PC or laptop.
To start, you need to install on your computer related programs.They can be downloaded from the Internet.The most common of these are program DVDStyler, Super DVD Creator, Video DVD Maker Pro, DVD-lab Pro and DvdReMake Pro.Consider their basic functions and features.
DVDStyler allows you to create DVD video with interactive menus, supports the MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MP2, DivX, MP3, Xvid, AC-3 and other video and audio formats, as well as multi-core processors.Unconditional advantage of the program - its accessibility: DVDStyler can download open source is completely free of charge.
Super DVD Creator (9 MB): it can be used to compose and create the disc menu.The program includes three modules: creation of DVD-based video files, add the menu, write the result to disk.Each of the modules can be run separately.
Video DVD Maker Pro (10 MB) can not please the user a variety of templates (in the library program has just 5 background images), but the program interface Russified, making it easier to work on creating the menu, besides the creators of VideoDVD Maker Pro take care of the possibility of creating a cover for the disc: it is generated automatically, reflecting the background picture and the name of the disc menu.The program is designed as a wizard where you select a background image for the menu and specify the type of project.
DVD-lab PRO (33 MB): This program focuses on individual items and the effects for menu buttons.Thanks to DVD-lab PRO menu items can be arranged in a so-called safe area and be able to view the connection between them.In addition, the menu items can be interchanged, and ask them commands.
DvdReMake Pro (33 MB) allows you to edit a ready menu of the disc.
When selecting a program should be guided by certain goals.So, if you want to create an unpretentious menu, enough Super DVD Creator and Video DVD Maker Pro.And for more original and sophisticated menu is more suitable program of DVD-lab PRO.
Helpful Hint
Many programs for video editing ability to create menus on DVD-ROM is included as a bonus.
  • on disk to create a menu


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