As a rule, the ordinary Internet user, by choosing the provider is interested not so much speed that it will offer for operedelennuyu amount of money as possible, for example, listen to music, watch videos and movies, to communicate in social networks.But few people did wonder what a provider can "slukavit" prescribed in the contract for services is not quite the speed of the connection, which will be received by the user.

There it is.The provider indicates an uppe

r limit, that is the maximum speed that can be connecting to the Internet.The question of to what values ​​it can fall, for example, in certain weather conditions, we are not talking.Currently, however, for users razrabatany services that allow you to test the connection absolutely free of his personal computer to the Internet.It should be borne in mind that the speed of the Internet connection varies during the day, at what value it may have a very large spread.In this regard, the accuracy of information necessary for the test speed several times through the gap in 1-2 hours.In addition, when you run a single program is necessary to disconnect all running applications, such as to stop the transmission of files of different torrents through, turn off the television and the Internet Radio and even close the browser tab or the browser works.Examples of these services include online,

There are also programs that test the connection speed, operating on a different principle.DU Meter, for example, operates in the background, shows the speed of reception, transmission information and speed Internet connections, all programs that communicate with the Internet.

So you'll always have the latest information about what the speed of your Internet connection.