Tip 1: How discolored layer

work with images made up of individual layers, conveniently in a graphics editor Adobe Photoshop.The vast number of tools of this application allows us to solve any problem in several ways, among which we can always choose the most suitable to the peculiarities of each case.For example, a single layer of discoloration you can take at least three different tools.
you need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
Once loaded into editing the document in the Layers panel, highlight the layer you want to make black-and-white.Then select one of the tools discoloration.Open the application menu See "Image" and in the "Correction" click on the line "Hue / Saturation".This action can be replaced by pressing the key combination Ctrl + U. In the opened window, move the middle slider - "Saturation" - left to the edge of the scale or enter a value of -100 in the box to the right on this scale.The result of bleaching layer, you will see at once.If you want it, click OK.
Another tool placed in
the same sub-section "Adjustments" under "Image" menu, Photoshop and called the very succinctly - "discolored".This command also operates without asking clarifying questions - select this option and the layer becomes black and white without any additional settings.If the result of the command "washout" meet your expectations, for easy recall using a combination of "hot keys» Ctrl + Shift + U.
third tool, as opposed to the previous one, offers the largest collection of settings discoloration.Call reference window with its control elements is carried out from the same sub-section "Adjustments" under "Image" menu - menu and select "Black & White".This team also mapped key combination - Ctrl + Shift + Alt + B. In the settings window placed six sliders, with which you can adjust the depth of the black when converted to a different shades of the original image.You can select one of the preset options settings in the combo box "set of parameters, or yourself to find the right values, visually checking your changes.Having achieved the desired result, click OK.

Tip 2: How to discolor

photo in black-and-white images have their own charm, something attractive and fascinating.Some black and white pictures are able to convey more emotion and warmth than color photos .Consider a couple of common and public ways to turn color photos into black and white, using which you will not need to delve into the intricacies of Photoshop.
As discolored photos
Let's start with the easiest method does not require a computer installed image editing software - desaturate photos online.Go to the address http://www.effectfree.ru and open the section "Make a black-and-white."Click "Choose File" to upload a photo from your computer, or enter the address of the link to a photo from the Internet.After you download the image, click on the black-and-white circle, and after the photo will change color, click on "Apply color".Now click "Download and continue" to save the photo on your computer.
unlikely that your computer is not set package Microsoft Office, and in fact there exists a simple default editing Microsoft Office Picture Manager (Manager drawings Microsoft Office).You can find it by clicking "Start" - "All Programs» - «Microsoft Office» - «Tools Microsoft Office».Run the program and add the photos.To do this, simply drag a file to the program window.Click the "Edit Pictures" on the top toolbar and then click in the menu on the right on the button "Color".Set point of "saturation" value "-100".Save the result of the "File" menu - "Save As".


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