you need
  • - hard drive.
To start the computer, disconnect all devices and remove the side cover of the system unit.Place the system unit in a position to get the most convenient access to the motherboard.
on the motherboard to locate the connector SATA.It will connect to the existing hard drives.Typically, SATA-connectors are located in the lower right corner of the system board.
If you want to replace the hard drive, which is out of order, a new, you must first remove the old hard drive out of the bay.To do this, disconnect the wire SATA and power cord.If the unit is bolted, then, accordingly, should be to unleash them.Then install a new hard drive.If you want to install an additional hard drive, you just plu
g it into an available slot.
The process of connecting a hard drive to the motherboard so ironed.Insert one end of the SATA-SATA-cable to the connector on the motherboard.The other end of the cord, connect the hard drive and connect power to it.
The power supply should be a wire with a plug to connect to the SATA-power devices.This connector is black.Difficulties should arise, since no other power cable to the hard drive with SATA interface is not suitable.Now all you need - is to run the computer.The operating system will automatically initialize the hard drive and installs the necessary drivers.
to connect the older hard drives ATA standard is necessary to use the appropriate connector.The procedure itself is no different connections to connect the hard drive from the standard SATA.It uses the ATA-loop.For ATA interface can be connected to multiple devices, but do not recommend you to connect a hard disk and optical drive.In this case it is necessary to use a special jumper.