Select to install in any specialized program designed to collect information and control modes of computer "iron".The operating system also has a built-in components that can provide information on the complete set, but each of these tools has a fairly narrow specialization - you have to run and view a considerable number of system applications, and then bring together all the information collected.Specialized applications will do it for you, supplementing the information collected their own data parameter measurements with the unit computer .
Download and install applications such as Aida ( versions of th
is program received very wide popularity, called Everest, and now Aida able to identify more than 120,000 units installed in computers.After you download, install and run the application, you will see a simple interface, similar to standard Windows Explorer window Windows.However, in the left frame, instead of folders placed collapsible section menu.
menu, see "System Board" and click subsection of the same name.In the right frame of the home page put the full name of the motherboard, its identification number, information about the type of tire, the optimal frequency and actually used, the size of the board, embedded devices, expansion slots, etc.In addition, here are links to the download pages of drivers and BIOS updates for this board, as well as technical support page and download updates manufacturer.
the same way you can get elsewhere in the application menu, the same information for the video card installed in your computer, network devices, hard disks and other storage devices read information, connection of external peripheral equipment, etc.