Run the program and turn the mixer by clicking on the icon (located among the others on the control panel).After that you will see a tab on the right side where the drivers will be listed.Choose one, through which will be recorded (for example, Realtek, if it is installed on your computer).Close the tab.
Then press the record button.In the menu, click on the column titled "Audio into the playlist as an audioclip".Once you do this, start the countdown.The interval will be equal to three seconds.When they expire, recording starts.When necessary, stop it by pressing the "Stop".This concludes the process of creating the audio file.
But do not forget that any record will need to be further processed.Open the file created in the program.Click on it, and scroll to the mix
er channel (for example, on the fifth).For this re-open tab, which was discussed in the first step.In addition, you must include Limiter.It is with the help of it you can get rid of the noise produced when creating a record.All other settings you can make to your liking (to work with plug-ins, for example).
If you want to impose your record to the music, then use this handy program like Adobe Audition.It is quite easy to manage, and therefore to cope with it and are new to this business.And in order to immediately write to the so-called negative, click the button "multitrack".In the window that opens, select the desired tracker and to add music.Then press the "Z" (if you are using the English version, then you will need to "R").Then press the record icon.