first option guaranteed closing access to your personal information, is ideal for you, if you have the computer's administrator.In other words - if this is your home kompyuter.Pereydite in "Control Panel" and in the "User Accounts" to create multiple user accounts for everyone who uses your computer, and your account settings, set a password.In this case, when the computer will be displayed a list of accounts, and without entering a password, no one can reach your personal folder on your desktop and in your "My Documents".
situation is more complicated if the computer is working, and you can not create new accounts.In addition, the system administrator can sometimes bypass the password you set.But there is in this case.You can set a password directly to the desired folder.The easiest way to do this - use any archiver.S
elect the desired folder, put them into the archive, do not forget to specify a password at the same time.This can be done as follows:
selects one or more folders (or files), right-click on the selected, and then click "Add to archive".In the resulting window, select the disk space where you want to place the file, name the file and find the "Set password" or "encrypted files" (depending on the archiver).Once the file is generated, access to your folders will be closed from outsiders.