Tip 1: How to update the program of the taxpayer

software on a personal computer often requires updating.However, many users have difficulty with the performance of such operations on the PC.
To update program called « taxpayer », you need to connect to the Internet, since all updates occur by contacting the software to a server with a request for new versions.If you have not yet activated the Internet, click the "My Network Places".Select the connection type and click the right mouse button.In the context menu, click "Connect".
Once the Internet will work, you can begin to upgrade the program.Start the software by double-clicking on the icon on your computer desktop.This starts the main menu of the utility.Click on the item "Help".Next, select the tab "Software Update" and click the right mouse button.You have to wait a while until all the files will be updated in the program.Generally, download time depends on the speed of the Internet connection that you have connected.
There are other ways to update the program
.Visit the official site of the developer.This can be done through a software menu, or use the search engines on the Internet.Search site select "Downloads".You can download all program as a whole, without removing the old version.When loading, always use anti-virus software as malware can be in virtually any file or archive.
Once the download is complete, run the exe-file format.The utility will automatically be installed on the hard drive of a personal computer, after replacing the old version.You can install from the site only patch updates.This saves Internet traffic.However, it is worth noting that often the patches are laid out unfinished, so it is best to use the update using the program.

Tip 2: How to upgrade the program "Taxpayer"

software development company "1C" several times a year released an update to bring your software in accordance with the law and to eliminate arising from time to time errors.When buying software, you simultaneously get access to download files in the Updates section on the site.If access to the Internet is limited, you can buy a CD-ROM with the updated software in the office.
Как обновить программу "Налогоплательщик"
you need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - registered installed software "1C: A taxpayer";
  • - a valid contract of information technology support (1C: ITS).
The easiest way to update the "1C: Taxpayer" - is to use the built-in update function.The program will download and install the necessary files.To do this, run the "1C: Taxpayer" and go to "Help" in the main menu.Select "Software Update" and wait for the download and installation.Restart the computer.
Program updates can be downloaded and independently, with support website developer.At that moment when you first registered your software, you will receive a login and password to access the Members Area.Sign in using them.Go to the update of "1C: Taxpayer" and download the missing updates.If the period of access to the update has been completed, get a pack for the desired period by adding a "shopping cart."Upon confirmation of payment, you can download the necessary files.Run the downloaded exe-file, wait for the updates and restart the computer.
If for any reason you can not download updates using the Internet, please contact the office at: Moscow, ul.Seleznevskaya 21. Do not forget to write the data on the latest updates to the program,the company's specialists were able to pick you up for the necessary software.
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