easiest way.If the picture is already open in an image editor (for example, the standard - Microsoft Office Picture Manager) - perform the following steps: "File-Save as", select the folder where you want to save the image and click button "save".In the future, you can use a picture of your own.
is possible without opening the image on a flash drive, just click on it with the right mouse butt
on and select "copy".Then find a place where they wanted to keep the image, click the right mouse button and select "paste."All the image is on your computer.
If we need to copy the image from the open pages of the Internet browser, you can also right-click the picture and select "Save Image As ..".Then, also select the folder for the images and click "save."
How to copy an image
to copy images can be used and the keyboard: Open the image, press the Ctrl + C, and then open the program Microsoft Word and press Ctrl + V.Then, customize the picture under the desired size.Everything - image in your report or research.The same pattern can be saved to the image from the Internet browser.But the way the keyboard can be isolzovat only insert images to other applications - Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.
In different picture viewer the features of copying images.Pay attention to it.If you can not perform a "save as file" icon to be floppy (by pressing it up the same sequence).
Program Total Commander - in a single window, select the source drive with the desired image (such as a USB flash drive), in the other - the storage location.Mouse to choose the desired file by clicking the left mouse button once, and press F5.