Tip 1: How to prevent access to files

For all who are forced to share a single computer with other users relevant problem of protecting your personal information from prying eyes.Unfortunately, the Windows operating system is no standard means for setting a password on folders, so to protect your data from prying should ban them access .
First of all you need to create multiple user accounts - one for each of the computer users.To do this, click "Start" - "Control Panel" - "User Accounts" - "Manage another account" - "Create a new account."Create user accounts, set its password.Now during boot, each user will log in to your account.
After creating at least one account, select the folder to which you would like to restrict access other users, and clicking the right mouse button, select "Properties".In the window that opens, click the "Access" and click on "General access ».In the list, select the user to whom access should be closed , and clicking the right mouse button, select "Delete."Then press the "Common access », the change to take effect.If you did everything correctly, the folder icon will lock and access to all users except you will be limited to it.

Tip 2: How to restrict access to folders

security of personal data on a computer - one of the main tasks at the same time user problems.Often, the user needs to completely or partially hide the information folder in the personal computer, access by multiple users.
How to restrict access to folders
to secure their data stored in folders, you can restrict access files and folders .With the help of the program Folder Guard Pro simply to protect the hard drive of your computer and to prevent unauthorized access to the information stored on it.
can also protect their own folder by typing the authorization on your computer with a username and password known only to the user.
To restrict access to specific folders and files that are in them, you can put on them the password.You can put a password in the folder properties, as well as assign to view hidden folders or to encrypt a folder in Windows Explorer.
in folder properties on the tab "Security", you can limit access from all accounts, except for one specific and give it full access to folders and changes.This method will save the information found in the folders confidential.
These recommendations are described for the owners of the operating system Windows 7.


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