Tip 1: What do I do if my computer is not turned off in Windows 7

Almost all PC users running Windows 7, when faced with a problem when the computer is not turned on, by all means try to fix it.In the case when the PC is not turned off or freezes when disconnected, most of them simply pulls out the power cord from the wall socket or remove the battery from the laptop, which can lead to data loss or damage to the hardware of the computer.
First we need to determine where the problem lies - in the hardware or software of a computer.In the first case of a failure of components in the computer to boot from a different OS.For this is fine LiveCD or installed in another partition the operating system.If the problem persists, the problem lies in the hardware of the computer.Check set is possible only with a known good replacement.

If a fault in the hardware of the computer is detected, you can go to check on, although in most cases verification should start with it.Delaying the shutdown process may occur at fault driver.In this case can h
elp them reset.

often hang at shutdown occurs due to improper installation of Windows.Very often this fault occurs in the laptops, the cause of which lies in the bus controller IEEE 1394. To eliminate it is enough to put a check in the settings of the hub.
also hang when disconnecting can occur when a computer is infected with malware.To test the need to download the latest anti-virus database and scan your computer.Check desirable to produce at least two anti-virus utilities.Fantastic, will cope with this task Dr.WebCureIt or AVZ 4.
If you follow all the above actions shutdown process is always long, the problem must be sought in the recently installed applications or system services.Rather, one of them causes a conflict in the system.View conflicting application or service is possible in the event log.As a general rule, disable the service or delete the application (if there is no special need them) addresses the issue.Also at the time, Windows shutdown affects the number of programs in the startup.
hang at shutdown may occur as failover settings BIOS.In the case of writing "Now you can turn off the computer's power" in the BIOS, under Power Management, you must enable ACPI.Also, in some cases, can help reset the factory.

Tip 2: What if the computer does not turn off

If the computer is turned off for a long time, or it does not happen at all, the reasons can be many.The user will need to perform certain actions and by process of elimination to figure out what is the cause of the misbehavior PC.
What should I do if my computer does not turn off

Power Problems

When the PC is not turned off, the problem lies in the incorrect installation of the operating system Windows 7. Rather, we should pay attention to the bus controller ieee1394.To fix this, you need to go to "Control Panel", then in the "Device Manager" and find the section "Host Bus controllers ieee1394».Then select the icon "Devices", click on "Properties" and "Power Management."This section is required to put a tick in "Allow this device to disconnect."After completing the above steps the problem will be successfully solved.

settings are jumbled up BIOS

If the problem lay not in the operating system, then most likely it is that the BIOS is prohibited off the power by software.You will need to go into it while pressing the F2 key on boot, or Del, check this out.What is required to enter the BIOS menu Boot, in which to select the "Parameter values ​​ACPI 2.0 support» and always «ACPI APIC support».They must be enabled.After that, the PC will shut down normally.

problems closing the program

Often the computer can not be turned off due to the fact that one or another program can not finish the job.In this case, there should be an inscription "Wait for Windows will close ...", but often this does not happen, because the operating system in a hurry to pay off the screen before.The user will need to check what programs run at shutdown.You should also try to forcibly close all programs through the Task Manager.You can try the program calculate the careless method of exclusion.It is important to know that the PC is often deactivated due to the fact that the device driver does not coincide with its mark.Alternatively, it may be confused brand of graphics cards, we should just check the appropriate drivers and download the latest version, which will match the available devices.


Sometimes PC does not turn off due to viruses.You will need to just check it on their availability.Often anti-virus system installed on the computer does not find anything, in this case it is recommended to download one or two tools to check their PCs.You can download the utility or AVZ4 Doctor Web.As a rule, they are more malware and neutralize them.Then the computer will shut down normally.
Helpful Hint
If all the above steps have not been able to fix the problem in this case will only to reinstall your operating system.If possible, it is desirable to use a different installation disk or distribution of Windows 7.


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