flash-To save the game to your computer via Firefox, launch the browser.Then, go to the game you want to upload.Right-click on the field with no text on a web page, then select View Page Info («View information about the page") in the menu that appears.You can also click "Tools - Page Info" in the top bar of the browser.
Wait until the window "Page Info" tab and then click the Media («Media").A list of the available on the web page media.Scroll the list, locate the file extension .flv or .swf.This is a file games (unless there are other flash games page).
Highlight the file, and then click Save As («Save as") in the bottom of the window.Enter the name of the file, and then navigate to the folder on your
computer where you want to save the file games .Click Save («Save»).Wait until Firefox Add games file and save it in the selected folder.
To save flash game on your computer through Internet Explorer, start your browser and go to a web page with the game.Click Tools («Tools") menu.When the drop-down menu, select Internet Options («Internet Options").
Click the General («General"), then click Settings («Settings»).Then choose View Files («View Files") to view a list of temporary files (Temporary Internet Files) on your computer.Scroll through this list until you find a file with the extension .flv or .swf.Right-click on the file and select Copy («Copy").
Click Start («Start»), and then My Computer («My Computer").Navigate to the folder on your computer where you want to save the file flash games .Right-click inside the folder window and select Paste («Paste").Wait until the browser saves the file flash games on the computer.