Power Point

Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint - special supplement, included in the standard software package Microsoft Office.You will not need to look for it and set further, because the installation is done automatically with the office.The program is easy, practical and can rightly be considered one of the most affordable and practical.

Its advantage is its rich set of features - animation templates and layouts, the designer of the slide.In a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you can add an unlimited number of pages, which can be modified automatically (a predetermined time).Also, it can be controlled while sitting at the computer.The advantage of the program is the fact that started with its aid demos with music, a large number of images, charts and graphs (depending on the kind of traffic load carries presentat
ion) by volume are considerably easier work with the same content, but produced by otherapplications.Often the difference in weight is 10-15 times. as analog programs for creating presentations, you can use the Portable Wordershare.This video editor with a wide range of opportunities to master that does not hurt if you enjoy working with photos and videos.

Open Office Impress

users of Linux may be advisable to use a special application for creating presentations OpenOffice Impress.It is an analogue maykrosoftovskih version, but still not as much as the common PowerPoint.This program used a few.The reason for this probably lies in the fact that the functional OpenOffice Impress is not yet finalized and imperfect as its predecessor.Currently the program is in the development stage, and over time it can become a worthy rival of PowerPoint. DVD Picture Show - another program for presentations and slide shows.Add photos, music, essential line, backgrounds, choose and enjoy the view of the finished file.

Power Point2DVD

well cope with the task of creating a program of presentations PowerPoint2DVD.It is possible to add images, signatures, text imposes music, create titles and subtitles.It has everything to turn your presentation into a video that can be stored in MPEG format and burn to any removable media - DVD / miniDVD.The video, created and saved using PowerPoint2DVD, can be viewed on any device that reads DVD.The advantage of the program is its simplicity, user-friendly interface, so learn it will not be difficult even for a beginner.

Photo DVD Maker

are very good program Photo DVD Maker.This is another useful application that must be installed on your computer.After all, with the help of Photo DVD Maker, you can mount a real film, not just presentation.Features of this program are broad.You can add to the project photos, crop them, apply them labels, captions and clipart, special effects, select the animation, slide transitions, to focus on specific areas of the image.There is also possible to set the duration of slides and audio files.If you wish, you can burn the presentation in any of the formats and view them on your computer, DVD-player, phone, post them on the Internet.The program interface is intuitive and a lot of clues, so that work in it will be easy for anyone who decides to use it.