you need
  • - Program of Alcohol 120%.
If you downloaded the game to a file format iso, download a program of Alcohol 120%, if you are not available.It is best to download it from the official site of the developer and after the installation, register a copy.Please note that to work with disk image suitable as a program Nero, they work on a similar principle and open the same file formats.
Run installed program.In the virtual drives sozdayne new virtual media, their number should match or exceed the number of games installed in such a way.File download games move to the workspace of Alcohol 120%.After that, click on the right mouse button and select "Install the unit .." and select one of the newly created virtual drive.
If AutoPlay does not appear the game, open "My Computer" and then the drive on which you have mounted the game.Double-click it if nothing happened, open review of the disk from the context menu.Select Setup, and follow the menu instructions, install the program by specifying the installation folder.It is best to choose a directory Games for the local disk.
After installation, start the game.Note that to run a disk image must be installed on the virtual drive, otherwise the game can request the disc to continue.For the same reason, do not remove the disk image from which the installation was performed.
If you have already completed the game, you do not like or want to uninstall it for any other reason, simply remove it from the list of programs in the control panel and in the menu "My computer" remove the disk image.Then delete the image of the game, if you do not plan to further its installation.