you need
  • PC, the program "Notepad ++" or "Notepad".
First of all, you need to open a html-file for editing.To do this, click on it, right click and choose "Open With."In the list that appears, click on a «Notepad ++».If the desired program does not appear in the list, c
lick on the "Select program" and find it.
After selecting the program window will open the contents of html-file.Typically, in the html document it has basic tags.And it looks like this:
page title here
main content Next page:
You can change the contents of the page and the headline.You can add a picture or video file.You can format your text to your liking.For example:
I can edit the html
We edit html
Make changes in a html-file and be sure to save it.
Start by double-clicking or pressing Enter file with html.It should open in your browser, and you will immediately see the result.You can change the contents of the html-file and update the page by pressing F5 or by clicking on the corresponding button of the browser.