you need
  • - Utility VideoInspector;
  • - utility GSpot;
  • - browser.
use the utility VideoInspector, without any problems, you can define what video is packed, and with luck even download the missing codec from the Internet.To do this, open the video in VideoInspector.This can be done using the command "Open" from the "File" menu.You can click "Browse" in the opened window select the necessary file and click the button "Open".
view information about the codec that was used to encode the video file.It can be seen in the fields of "Video" and "Audio".In the box at the right of information about the video resolution, frame rate, bit rate and codec you can see the message, whether the codec is installed on the system.
If the codec is not ins
talled, the program allows you to find the codec on the Internet and install it on your computer.To do this, make sure that you have access to the Internet.Click on the "Download" button, which is located under the notification of the presence or absence of the codec in the system.With a little luck in the browser that you are using the default page opens with a list of direct links to the files to install the codec.
It may be that the search for the codec will not lead to anything.Output is in this case.The fact that each codec has only owned it FourCC-code.It can be found using the command "Edit FourCC» from the "Tools" menu.Four-combination in the "stream format" is the desired FourCC-code.Use it as a keyword to search, you can find the missing codec on the Internet.