Today, as many centuries ago, the image of the object is the most important stage in its manufacture.After all, only draw, though schematically, any thing can get an idea of ​​how it should look.Making any, even the smallest detail begins with the drawing.Experts looking at a diagram that can get an accurate idea of ​​its shape, size, and what properties should detail obladat.Inzhenernaya schedule in the most elementary sense - is the science of the rules of construction of technical drawings and diagrams.Not everyone knows that all technical drawings must be met not only with maximum accuracy, but also comply with the rules and international standards, determined by a complex of state standards (GO
ST)."Unified system for design documentation" (ESKD) is mandatory for compliance with all engineering companies, as well as for physical lits.Razvitie drawing and engineering going on for years.Initially, the builders used a schematic drawing rooms and parts of houses, painted directly on the site of the future building a life-size.Later, the size of the first drawings began to decline and were transferred onto paper and canvas.With the development of the shipbuilding and appearance in everyday life more complicated engineering structures, drawing the matter has become widespread and has been developed by leaps and bounds.In Russia the first standards for the performance of engineering drawings were published in 1928 and since then has been continuously improved and perepisyvalis.Chertezh made by all the rules will be understood by those skilled in any country, no matter what language he speaks and which industry operates.That is why the study of engineering drawing is one of the pillars in training specialists of technical specialties worldwide.