To start firmly decide: whether it is to you.Recover deleted will be almost impossible.Perhaps you have spent on this or that record more than one hour.If, however, the choice is made - pristupim.Vnachale need to log in to the service by following the link enter your login and password in the system Yandex.
At the top horizontal menu located.From the drop-down list by clicking on the "My Page" item "My diary".
Find your blog in any way
Find the desired entry in the diary.Any your record, you can delete or edit.It is not necessary to explain that the "Edit" button used to make edits in the already written message.Select "
At sea, it is easy to get lost records.
Confirm the action by pressing «OK».Do not press "Cancel".This will lead to what will have to start all over again.
Everything passes.
In addition, you can open the message and click the Delete button, located to the right.There will also need proof of your actions, as set out in the previous step.
Ordered to remove.
If you want to delete all the entire diary (a page on Ya.Ru).Click on "Settings" in the top right corner of the screen.
ABC will help you or your system administrator
On the next page in the top horizontal menu, click "Other".
Other settings hide the most important
At the bottom of the page you will see the treasured "Delete" button.Think before you click on it.
Start the process of self-destruction
Yandex, realizing that this is often done casually or carelessly, will give you one last chance to abandon the plan.Click on the button "Delete blog."
again surprise.And you thought, so easy to get rid of the written?They say that the manuscripts do not burn.Even electronic.Click «OK» and enjoy the offense.
Yandex loves you
It's done.Admiring the words that your blog is removed and the update page .
Is that all?
And see ... the possibility of recovery.Deleted records in this manner can not be restored.Only the blog entirely.Naturally, we will restore it will not.The goal was: to remove.Her we have achieved.
Manuscripts do not burn
Remember, you can restore the blog and all its valuable contents at any time.Just go to the link .
Ultimately, you can delete your account at Yandex , going to the Yandex passport and clicking "Delete Account" at the bottom right.