Tip 1: How to see the file extension

Default settings of Windows do not allow the user to see the file extension.It is not always convenient to use, and sometimes just need to see a particular type of file on your hard drive or removable media.How to change the settings to activate the display of file extensions - described below.
you need
  • OS Windows
Expansion file - is part of its name, on which the operating system or application shall identify the type of file .It is necessary to know the components of the operating system - which of the applications should be referred to the file processing, and applications - to determine which format you need to read the contents of the file .The software has no problems with the reading of file extensions, but there are situations where the user needs to see, and the full name of the file .For example, text files and Dokument1.rtf Dokument1.doc will be displayed with the same symbol and the same name without the extension.Find out who is who can only open two file , but it is not udobno.Dlya activation settings display file extensions, open Windows Explorer by double-clicking on the icon "My Computer".This can be done by pressing the key combination WIN + E (Latin R).Next to the section "Tools" menu in the select "Folder Options."This will open a window in which click the "View" and at the bottom of a long list of "Advanced Settings" deselect "Hide extensions for known file types."If the file extension that you need to see is a system file, in the same list, deselect "Hide protected operating system files" and set point against the item "Show hidden files and folders."To consolidate these changes in the settings, click «OK».
There is an alternative path to the same settings - through the "Control Panel» Windows.It can be run by selecting the "Settings" menu ("Start" button), select "Control Panel."In Control Panel, start the "Folder Options" and as a result fall into the same folder properties dialog box.Next steps - are the same as in the previous embodiment.

Tip 2: Where to watch a movie under the open sky in Moscow

Open-air cinema - a relatively new idea for Russia, which was borrowed from Europe and the United States.The first new species of the film industry began to explore the inhabitants of Moscow.
Where to watch a movie under the open sky in Moscow

Typically, these theaters are designed for motorists who may watch the session from the comfort of the car.In particular, it is a mobile cinema "Kinoparking", which is mobile and each time show sessions at the new location.It works only from July to October, and the view is usually started at 22 o'clock and lasts about 4-5 hours, as usually show no more than three films.Ticket cost about 400 rubles from one machine also features a mobile cafe.For more information about the next sessions "Kinoparkinga" and its location you can find on the site - Kinoparking.ru.Another option for motorists - cinema "Borodino", located in Mytishchi at Ostashkovskoe Highway 59. It works regardless of the season, daily sessions starting at 23:00 and 01:00 Moscow time, ticket price is 450 rubles.This theater is designed only for 30 people, so it is best to drive for 30-35 minutes prior to the session.Even if you do not own a car, you can also go to the open-air cinema.One of them will work on the waterfront near St. Andrew in the period from July to August.It shows only the author's cinema, so fans of the militants are unlikely to enjoy.Entrance to the cinema - free, but the number of seats is limited - there are only 70. Sessions are usually held from 22:00 every Friday and Saturday.On Bersenevskaya embankment, 14, there is another open-air cinema, and it is located in the courtyard of the Institute "Arrow".It is open from June to mid-September, sessions are held daily from 22:00 to midnight.In this theater about a thousand seats, so you can always come here, and be sure that there is enough for everyone.Entrance fee - 300 rubles.

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