you need
  • installed a test version of the antivirus.
After use, it is necessary to test the anti-virus uninstall, so that the next sample is mounted on the product is not in conflict with it - such an outcome is very likely.To remove the need to perform a series of simple steps.
Click the "Start" button, and from the context menu, select "Control Panel."Clicking on it will open the Control Panel window, with access to the most important system settings.
Select in this window sel
ect "Add or Remove Programs" or "Add or Remove Programs", depending on the version of the operating system.Clicking on it will open a window installed in the application.
Wait for a while, until the system will build a list of available applications.Sometimes it takes a considerable period of time.Once the list is built, you must click on the name of antivirus it Right, and from the context menu select "Set / Change".This will lead to the complete removal of the anti-virus from your computer.
In some cases, antivirus software can not be uninstalled in this manner - in the case of damaged installation files or other problems.In such a situation it is necessary to resort to additional software - a universal uninstallation packages.
These applications use more convenient than a specialized tool to uninstall a specific product, which are available for each manufacturer antivirus - if the user wants to try several options for security software, it would need to install a uninstaller, rather than several.Working with universal application is very simple - just run it, select the antivirus installed, and click to remove it.It would be enough.