you need
  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a set of satellite equipment.
Select the satellite broadcasting the channels you want to watch.For information on satellites and channels can be found online by typing in the search box the name of the channel with the phrase "satellite TVĀ».
2 Go to the site and view the information found on the satellite and the broadcasting their channels.Frequency column you will find a frequency at which the working channel in the column System Encryption - DVB-card format (S or S-2), column Beam - beam transponder name.These data you will need in their future work.
Check the coverage map rays (column Beam), gets your house in the zone of the beam and the diameter of which must have
an antenna to receive the signal quality.
Purchase Satellite Equipment - antenna, converter, DVB-card antenna cable.Type converter (C or Ku) should match the frequency of the transmitted signal, and the card-type DVD - format of a transmitted signal (S or S-2).These data have been identified in step 2.
Install DVB-card into the slot in the computer and install the software for it.After the installation is complete, open-tuner card and type in the channel parameters taken from the site program shall fix the absence of a signal.
Download and install the program Satellite Antenna Alignment.Enter the coordinates of her companion and your home.In response, the program will give the satellite azimuth (geographical and sunny), the angle of its rise above the horizon, the angle of the antenna.
Mount satellite equipment, place the antenna in a location that is available to the signal from the satellite.Adjust the antenna to the satellite and accurately using program tuner card DVB-lock signal.Get the maximum value of its exact orientation of the antenna.
Download one of the programs to watch satellite television - for example, the most popular ones ProgDvb.Install the software on your computer and run it.Open the "Channel List".The option "Channel search" find your companion and click on it to start scanning.After scanning the list of channels found will be displayed in the Playlist on the right or left of the program window.Click on any of them and enjoy watching satellite TV.