Why in the text paragraphs

Paragraph (or red line) - a structural element, which is logically complete and includes microtia of the main text.This is a necessary element of any document, the text does not help to merge into a single entity and have executed a logical structure.In terms of software, the paragraph - is any text ending by pressing enter.

rules change the width of the paragraph

Change the width of the indentation in the Word document are two ways.Firstly, you can select the text with the left mouse button, then right-click on the highlighted text.In the window that opens, select "Paragraph", then "Tabs".You can see here that the default indent is 1.25 cm. If the paragraph has to be a different size, you need to enter the data and save your changes.Now the indentation will be such a need.This is the way in which the paragraph would b
e exposed to the exact millimeter.

second way to change the red line is realized with the aid of a tool "line" located on the toolbar.The line is located on the left and from above, but it may be hidden.To activate a tool, click the left mouse button in the upper right corner of the small square - will scale with divisions and a marker on it.

When you hover over the marker, or the slider, you will see a horizontal line tooltips "left margin", "projection" and "first line indent".You need to change the width of the paragraph indent the first line.Fixes mouse cursor near the first row, press the left mouse button on the top of the marker, which appears in "first line indent" and using a ruler expose the desired size.If you have already typed text and paragraphs, do not exist, then you need to select all the text in full, then use the slider again.Paragraphs are the right size for all the text will appear.It's more of a visual method of forming a paragraph less accurate than the previous one.

Indention may be positive, zero (if the text in the middle), and negative when the first line appears closer to the left edge of the sheet.Indention in the Word document are measured in centimeters.

must know

important to remember that the indentation in any case can not be done by a "space."In this case, further problems arise is formatted as strings can "sezzhats."Proper registration of paragraphs later save time in the restructuring of the document.