Try to turn on the basket via the control panel of the operating system, if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7. To run it, open the menu "Start" button and click on the appropriate line.In the panel, click the link "Personalization" and then select the task "Change desktop icons".So you open the "Desktop icons", where you have to put a mark opposite the label "Basket" and then press «OK».Trash should be back to its original location.
Make the necessary changes in the registry if other methods do not lead to the desired result.It is better to entrust this potentially dangerous operation to the manufacturer of the operating system - Microsoft
has released a tool that automatically makes the necessary changes to restore a shortcut to the registry.Download it for free at the website of the corporation, the direct link - .
Open the utility, check the box "I Agree" under the license agreement and start the process by clicking "Next".Upon completion of the program, close it by clicking the button labeled "Close" and restart your computer - the utility will offer to do it.After a new boot label baskets must be present at work table .
Use Registry Editor regular Windows, if you want to make the changes yourself.To access it, right-click the shortcut "My Computer" on the desktop.In the popup context menu select "Registry Editor."Alternative method: press the key combination WIN + R, type the command regedit in the dialog box that opens, enter the running programs and click «OK».
Go to HideDesktopIcons registry consistently revealing these folders: HKEY_CURRENT_USER - & gt;Software - & gt;Microsoft - & gt;Windows - & gt;CurrentVersion - & gt;Explorer - & gt;HideDesktopIcons.If you have turned on the "classic" look of the menu on the "Start" button, then select in the left pane branch ClassicStartMenu, if not - select NewStartPanel.
Right-click {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} - we must look for it in the right pane of the editor.Select "Edit" from the context menu, and in the opened window, set the zero in the "Value".Close this window by pressing «OK».
Close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.