Tip 1: How to set up a satellite receiver

Satellite Receiver (receiver) is able to connect a computer or a TV with a digital TV, it makes it possible to watch TV and listen to radio stations in digital quality.
you need
  • - computer;
  • - receiver.
Connect receiver to the antenna and the TV with the special connectors and plug it in.In the receiver's memory may already be listed channels can be found in the list.If not, adjust the satellite receiver yourself.Press "Menu" or "Setup" on the remote control.On some models the receivers menu can be accessed by pressing the "OK" button.
Set for English language menu - so you will be easier to set up channels on the satellite receiver.To do this, go to the menu item "Basic setup» - & gt;"Language", and select English.Next, go to item "Setting the Time", enter the current time with the buttons on the remote.If necessary, enter the code.He usually required for entrance to some menu items (it could be 0000 or 1234).Set the basic settings for the satellite receiver as follows: Positioner - off, 0 / 12V - off, the flash tone - off.When you connect the switch to the satellite heads in record numbers itself and accordingly set the input ports in the settings.
Go to the menu item "Search", select "Search Channels".Select to find non-encrypted channels to set up satellite receiver for watching free channels.This option is indicated in the channel scan menu command FTA only.
To add channels, scan the transponder on the satellite.Determine the desired channel and the satellite on which he broadcasts.Next, define the settings of the transponder list for the satellite channels on the site http: //sputnik.vladec.com/instrukciya/parametry-i-chastoty-transpondera -... .If there is no necessary link, find it using a search engine, along with the word "Lingsat."
Go to the "Settings transponder", choose or add a new one.Next, press the button on the remote control to scan the transponder.Select then the function "Automatic scan" and then the satellite receiver will find yourself working all channels.

Tip 2: How to set up a satellite receiver

Satellite TV offers television signal of very high quality.For his admission developed special satellite receivers (tuners).Also, advanced models can connect consumers with a network connector to the global Internet.
How to set up a satellite receiver
you need
  • satellite dish, TV, scart-jack, "tulip", satellite receiver
Connect the cable from the satellite antennaconnector on the rear panel.Usually it is indicated «LNB IN» or «IF Input».All the connectors are on the back panel.They are standard on all models.Connect the receiver to a video input on your TV.This can be done using the Scart-socket type or "tulip".Typically, the video is connected via the "yellow" connector, the sound - through the "black" and "red" connector.Some types of receivers can be connected at a high frequency.
2 Turn on the receiver.Tune the television to the correct channel, indicated in the instructions to a television.You will see a picture with the logo of the receiver.If there are already installed channels, you will get a list of kanalov.Nazhmite button «Menu», sometimes you need to press "OK".They are on the remote control or on the front panel.Install Russian language menu.After selecting the language, set the basic parameters - the current time, and video output settings.The tuner (receiver) can request a PIN code access, as a rule, it is 0000 or 1234.
Perform a hard reset of the receiver.This will remove only the channel list.This is required to remove extra satellite settings.Add the satellite transponder configuration, the satellites are received in the receiver mestnosti.Esli intended only for viewing free channels, ie,FTA, and there are no connectors or CI-readers for smart cards, limit the search to only uncoded channels.This option is denoted by "FTA only".It is thereby possible to maintain order in the list.
sure to set the satellite receiver's menu: 1.Availability of the necessary sputnika.2.Check the setting of satellite head: the head of a linear universal LNB (LO frequency 9750/10600);circular head - circular LNB (LO frequency 10750);C-BAND (B band) - C-BAND LNB (LO frequency is 5150).These are located on the label of satellite konvertera.3.Select the desired satellite and install the appropriate DiSEqC port for the selected satellite, if the satellite dish installed on more than one converter.On the DiSEqC switch written inputs for connection of satellite converters.Write down what inputs you connect to the DiSEqC satellite head has been connected each converter.In the menu of the receiver set the DiSEqC port switch according to connected satellite konverteram.Esli do not know or have forgotten, what ports are exposed, get the appropriate satellite bust.Set the setting to the desired satellite and scan it.To scan the transponder menu, go to the satellite receiver to the section settings of the transponder, the satellite LNB, DiSEqC, etc.Select the appropriate transponder (if it is not, it should be added).Then press the appropriate button on the remote to scan it, for it at the bottom of the TV screen has colored tips, which coincide with the color keys on the remote control.This can be done either manually or automatically.
Helpful Hint
spend twice a month automatically scan satellite channels configured satellites
  • how to set up a satellite receiver to the satellite


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