you need
  • Adobe Photoshop, the image
Tools Paint Bucket Tool (Ā«Fill") and Gradient Hotel is situated in the same group in the toolbar.Once chosen gradient , on the Properties pane, set the parameters.By default, gradient and set the color of the ground and the background, which are selected on the toolbar.To select a different view, click on the left window pane and the properties will be taken in the gradient editor and - Gradient Editor.There you can choose from preset or create a new gradient .
wide colored band in the middle of the window shows the current settings and gradient.The lower sliders control the color and the top - transparency.Double-click on the left engine Color Stop, and you will find yourself in the color palette.Select the initial color gradient and and confirm by clicking OK.Double click on the bot
tom right engine and set the final color.If you want to gradient was multicolored, increase the number of engines.Click on the bottom edge, and you will have another engine.Give it a desired color by going to the palette of colors.To remove the engine, press the Delete button at the bottom right of the editor.
Transparency percentage of each color can be set by double-clicking on the top engine.However, in order to gradient was really transparent on the property bar should be checked far right window from the window Transparency.Sprava type panel is a group of properties, which are collected types gradient s:
- linear
- radial
- mirrored
- Diamond
choose the type and form of gradient and on the basis of the task that stands before you.
Gradient Overlay better on its own layer, so as not to spoil the original image.From the starting point, draw a line to the end.When the results are not satisfied, cancel the operation by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Ctrl + Z, and then try to select a different type and kind gradient well.