you need
  • - Experience with source code page.
If you want to see the hidden text in the message-spoiler or the like, click on the drop-down link with him.Usually this takes the form of a hidden line.However, not all sites currently have a similar function.Many resources are usually just paint the background color of the font in the site, while making it almost imperceptible at first sight.
To see the hidden inscription, select it with the left mouse button.Also, if the letters are very small in size, to recognize the text, try to increase the siz
e of the page.To do this, use multiple simultaneous pressing Ctrl and +.
Zoom in as long as the text will not be readable.Also, you can just copy it and increase in any of your existing text editor and increase the font size - do as you wish, there is no fundamental difference.
If you get to a resource where access to information is limited to a specific text for some reason for some groups of users or visitors, use the View page source code.
For this, while in the browser, right-click the page and select the appropriate option.You will open a new window with a diverse array of characters, but if you look for them, you can distinguish individual words and phrases on the website, including the ones that are hidden from unauthorized users.Naturally, this is not available on every resource, some sites are so well made that take into account this point, so to circumvent the restriction will be difficult enough.
Try to find the entrance through the account in social networks, to save time on registration for one only view this text.Most sites now supporting this feature.