you need
  • computer software Nero Burning ROM, DVD-ROM
Burn files to DVD drive can use the program "Nero Burning ROM".Select format recording drive and DVD.This may be a recording data such as mp3 files, documents, pictures, video files, programs, etc.To do this, select the item, and in it - click "Create a data DVD."
then opens the subroutine «Nero Burning ROM» recording drive s.Use column "three or four" - PC navigation, find the information you need and drag it with the mouse in the first column of the left, "one or two".In these colum
ns, you can create folders.In addition, speakers from the "one and two," you can delete folders and files if accidentally put them there or just do not want to write more than just these folders or files.But the removal of information from the right column, "three or four" removes the information from the PC, so you must be careful!The right-hand column "three or four" have the same function as the "Explorer", that is, there can be used the same methods the selected file.
As you drag the information, make sure that the amount of data that you are recording on DVD, did not exceed the size of the DVD.This prevents the volume scale, located at the bottom of the window.If ASSUME dual-layer disc - switch the volume c DVD5 to DVD9.This can be done with the help of the list coming out in the lower right corner of the window.If you decided to write down the information, for example, the film is larger than 2GB, then you need to change the recording standard drive and a UDF to ISO and ISO / UDF.To this end, close working project (2nd from the top menu "File - Close" or right of the cross, or go to the menu "File - New" or click on the left mouse button on the image with a sheet of paper), the bottom of the list, select the required standard andclick "New".If you accidentally closed the navigation bar for easy drag files, do not panic - it is possible to recover.To do this, go to "View - View files".
Once all the information is ready for recording, insert a DVD- disk in the drive and start recording.
To start recording a project, click on the image with the "match and drive om" to "Toolbars" from the top menu, or select the "Recorder - Record of the project."Then, select the appropriate write speed (if the information is important to select a record average speed), and then click "Burn."Then start recording disc DVD well.
If you want to write data to DVD-RW, where the information is already present, it is necessary to write new data to remove the old.To do this, go to the menu "Recorder" tab and select the menu "Erase rewritable disc ».Then do not change the settings and then click "Delete."