Educational computer games for kids

This games on the development of memory and attention, to familiarize children with numbers, letters, shapes, colors.This includes a variety of math games ("Shapes," "10 Monkeys," "Learning to count", "Fractions," "Red, Yellow, Blue"), assistants to the study of the Russian language ("Learning the sounds", "Learning letters," "Snowflakes "," droplets "," Learning to read "), foreign language (" Cats and boxes "," Learning the alphabet ").

Games-Action and game-prevraschalki for the smallest

The game "My home," the child will be able to arrange housing as he pleases, developing imagination and taste.The game "Save
the princess" helps to learn to think logically, to find ways of solving problems, overcoming the maze.The game "Wonder House" you can click on various items and see how they work.Exercise "Dress up doll", "Fashion", "Identikit" will help your child learn how to pick up beautiful clothes and accessories.

Coloring and drawing on the computer for kids

These exercises help to learn colors, develop imagination and imagination, learn to work with the mouse and keyboard.

Computer games, soobrazhalki children

They develop logical thinking and memory.Games "Collect Pattern", "Buttons-baby", where you have to draw pictures of the different detalek allow train assiduity and spatial imagination.With the exercise "Santa Claus and Christmas tree", "Treasure Island" on the right only to those who know how to count, or the one who really wants to learn the account.Play the famous song by pressing the keys in a certain order can be in the game "Young Musician" in "will be the word" baby learn to put the letters in the words in the correct order.Children become Crossword excellent logic exercise for kids who can not read yet, since they need to solve, choosing the color.

entertained and computer games for kids

Sometimes you just need to cheer up a child, in this case, you can play the game "Snowman", "kitten", "obedient machine," "Voices of animals."The latter also expand horizons baby while listening to the sounds of nature.

-peremeschalki Computer games for the little ones

They teach kid to use the mouse.The child can work out in the building in the game "Building a house" to find large and small animals in the exercise "Find my mother," to play in the designer ("robots") learn to work around the house ("assistant").

interesting child with a half or two years will be the games that develop visual memory and ability to concentrate, how to "find a pair", "Sound Lotto".They work with a variety of imaginative kid puzzles.In the development of speed and reactions help shooter games ("Flowers for Mom", "Catch 10 balls").

Many parents talk about the dangers of video games for the kids, but are quietly watching a cartoon on TV, sometimes not only useless, but also dangerous for the child's consciousness.By choosing computer games for your child, you must select them in view of the benefits they can bring to it, then a toddler activities will form the basis for his intellectual growth and development.