to clearly see the gaps in the text (instead of empty space between words), switch to display paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols.To do this on the "Home" click in "Passage" icon «¶».Hatched symbols are not visible when you print a document, they serve only to facilitate orientation in the text .Sign of the space looks like a dot in the middle of the line.
Remove all spaces from the text can be in many ways.Put the cursor before a new word and press BacSpase - this will remove a print mark (space) to the left of the new words.Place the cursor at the end of the word and press Delete - will wear a print
ed sign to the right of the cursor.But the rule text one character is very often uncomfortable.To remove multiple spaces in honor of the text, select it with the mouse, hold down Ctrl, and then press BackSpase.
To make the entire text without spaces in a single operation, use the replacement.On the "Home" section, select "Edit", click "Replace".In the dialog box on the "Replace" enter into the first empty field "Find" blank space (no visible signs appear, but the cursor will move one character to the right).The second field "Replace with" leave free.The button "Replace" search and replace one of the printing plate, allowing you to control the process of replacing.The button "Replace All" allows you to delete all the text found in signs space.
If normal text distance between the letters look like gaps, perhaps, they set discharged interval.To return to the familiar simple spacing, select the text (or part of the text) and the tab "Home".In the "Font", click the arrow to bring up a dialog box.In the window that opens, click the "Interval" and use the drop-down list, set the values ​​you want.
To find out the number of printed characters without spaces , not necessarily remove all the gaps in the text .Call Statistics window, which provides a summary of the text .Click on the tab "Review" and click on "Statistics" in the "Spelling".The button looks like a set of numbers and letters (ABC / 123).The third line will indicate the number of printed characters without spaces .