you need
  • computer running the operating system Windows (XP, Windows 7), the program Style XP, Internet access
very wide possibilities for selecting and configuringoperating system interface offers Windows 7. To change the default theme , right click on an empty part of the desktop.In the window that appears, you'll see several sections with the themes for the computer.
Aero - threads with a very beautiful visual effects, various styles and additional visualization components.The basic theme with high contrast are not as attractive interface and visual effects in comparison with the Ae
ro.The difference is more in the fact that the Aero theme uses more hardware resources of the computer.To choose a favorite subject, click on it with the left mouse button.
also in the right part of the window there is a line "Other topics on the Internet."By clicking on it, you open a page with a variety of different themes, wallpapers, and gadgets for your operating system.In addition, at the bottom of the window is a list of the four main components.By selecting, for example, in the list "Desktop Background", you change only the background of the current theme.The rest remains unchanged.So you can create your own theme, alternately choosing the main components.
If you have an operating system Windows XP, then it is better to download themes from the Internet.A good option is the program Style XP.Download it from the Internet and install it on your computer.Run the program.After starting you get to the main menu, where you will see "Topics".To change your current theme, you need to choose another from the list of suggested topics.In this way, you change the subject completely.
The program also allows you to replace the various components separately.To do this, in the main menu under Style XP, select the component that you want to change.Then select another component you like.You can change the icons, welcome screen, set the transparency of windows and others.