Tip 1: How to create your own music on your computer

Computer technologies have affected not only the business, but at the same time culture and art.Rare musician in the modern world can not create music on a computer graphics (notes and scores) or sound (audio tracks).As a professional and an amateur can record your work on the computer , if you choose a form of writing.
Form scores.Notation on computer is much more convenient paper: you can simplify your work, not razlinovyvaya cycles (this will make the editor) without redrawing repetitive (Operation replaced by copying and pasting) and dispensing with the many other difficulties.All that you need - musical editor, such as the "Sibelius", "Guitar Pro" or "Final".Download and install the program, enter the registration key and click creation of scores.Select the options for the product size, number of instruments, tempo, title, author of music and text.
After entering the basic information you will see a clean sheet of virtual paper.In the menu "Notepad", insert the firs
t beat and then note durations corresponding to your idea.Add on bars as needed, indicate the nuances of strokes.When finished, save the file under the name of the product in the desired folder.You can later return to further editing.
To record music in a track need sound editors ("Sound Forge", "Audition", Audacity "and others.), Sample libraries and packages plug-ins VST and DX."Cut" the desired sounds on different length, use different heights of the sample, the special effects of the plug-ins.

Tip 2: How to create music on your computer

Creating music on your PC allows for much greater freedom of action than the composition for a real orchestra or choir.There are no hard limits in the range of tools that allow you to change effects library voices beyond recognition, giving them new colors.But even in such a process of creativity has its own rules and restrictions.
How to create music on your computer
you need
  • computer with a sound editor ("Fruity loops", "Sound Forge", "Adobe Audition" and others.);
  • library of samples of different instruments (including shock);
  • set of effects;
  • Virtual synths (and can be a real cable);
  • Fundamentals of musical knowledge and hearing.
As in any other form of art, you should aim to present and future fate of their offspring.Ask yourself a few questions:

Who will listen to it (if only you, but you have to like it)?

In what genre is this work (electronic music, dance, rock, classical)?

What is the mood of the work (aggressive, sad, anxious, solemn)?

What tools will be used (even if only roughly, but you have to imagine that there will be a sound, for example, only a string orchestra)?
connect a real instrument (if any) to the amplifier and the computer.Begin to improvise on it or virtual synths, mindful of the previous stage set the framework.The mood of improvisation (harmony, tonality, melodic passages) must match the mood and movement of the melody should be available for execution on the selected instrument (it is not necessary to invent violins party in the bass clef).
From improvisation will leit-theme.Continue to improvise while recording fragments: topic introduction, solo, chorus, bridge, losses and so on.Remember that each topic should be the development and culmination.Take care and the overall development of the product.
Writing in melody sound editor, go to line shock.They should sound in harmony with the melody, without drowning it, so do not overdo it with the high-sounding setae.The slow movements do not try to fill the space between the sixteenth quarters.Perhaps more impressive is half-empty sound with beats per half share.
Bass - the continuation of the rhythm section, the foundation of the music.Prescribe it immediately after the shock.Greater diversity is not necessary (if a bass instrument does not play the solo part).
Break melody written in draft form, on the tools of choice.If you are satisfied with it, just go to the henchmen.They should be a bit quieter than the main theme, but in any case it does not match the height.Even better would be to divide them and on time (for example, for them to play in tune pauses between sentences).
If the vocal work, the voice is added last.
Keep track adding effects, removing excessive noise, adjusting the volume.
Most of these programs is not freely distributable.During installation, you have to buy a registration key developers.


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