Tip 1: How to install the game from an image file

generally called disk image file containing a virtual copy of a physical disk with the extension * .cue, * .iso, * .mds, * .mdf, * .ccd, * .nrg or * .btw.Virtual RAM disk implies a virtual drive, designed for use with the selected file.
you need
  • - Daemon Tools;
  • - Alcohol 120%
Locate the folder containing the image of the selected disk, and run it with the recognition file system by double-clicking.
Download and install on the computer the program Daemon Tools, designed to emulate a disk.The program exists in two versions: Pro and toll free Lite.For the needs of the average user enough free version available for free download on the Internet.
Call the context menu of the installed application by right-clicking on the icon with the symbol of lightning in the notification area, located at the bottom right of the monitor screen and select the option "emulation".
Select "All options ON" and go to the point of Virtual CD / DVD ROM.
Specify the item "Drive 0: [X:] Blank" and select the disk image to be opened in the new dialog box "Select image".
Click "Open" to confirm the command and go to the main menu of the "Start".
Expand "My Computer" and select Create Virtual Disk.
locate the desired file (in most cases - AutoRun or Setup) and start the installation of the game.
Download and install the application on the computer of Alcohol 120%.
Run the program and go to the item "Settings".
Specify the number of drives required in the field "number of virtual drives" check box and apply in the fields "Remount images when you restart the system" and "Mount image in the Device 0 on double-click."
Click OK to confirm the command and drag the disk image in the application window of Alcohol 120%.
Call the context menu of the created object, click the right mouse button and select the command "Mount on Device".This action will cause the automatic installation of the desired game.

Tip 2: How to set the image of the game

Today, the Internet spread this format games like «.iso».We experienced players install these games does not cause any problems, but for newcomers such action turns into a real puzzle.
How to set the image of the game
you need
  • Image of the game, the program «Daemon Tools»
Installation «Daemon Tools».To install this program, you can simply run the setup file it.During installation, you must specify the destination, as well as accept the user agreement.When you install a program note on the item "Advanced Settings", which is usually hidden under the sign of arrows.Clicking on this arrow, check the options that you want to install on your computer along with the program.After the installation has been completed, you are ready to mount an image of the game.
Start «Daemon Tools» through the corresponding icon.Next, right-click the mouse on the icon of the program, which will be located near the clock on the right of the taskbar.In the menu, select "Mount Image".Then choose a virtual drive to which you will mount the image and click on the "Download image."After that, through the window to locate the file boot games «.iso», select it, click OK.Now you have to wait a little longer.Installing the game will run in automatic mode, only need to specify the installation path and wait for its completion.If nothing happens, open the folder "My Computer" and click twice on its icon will appear in the game.
  • How to install the game from a disk image?
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