Tip 1: How to properly grounded

Ground - eletrotekhnicheskikh element ensuring the safety of electrical equipment: machine tools, electrical machinery, computers.It removes static electricity, and in some cases, atmospheric, which is very important during a thunderstorm.It protects them from electrical interference and that can cause a malfunction of radio receivers and computers.
you need
  • - wire;
  • - lead sheet;
  • - a collar;
  • - welding machine;
  • - soldering iron;
  • - file;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - shovel.
as ground you can use the central heating pipes.For this portion of the pipe strip the paint, rust and dirt.Apply to cleansed place gasket sheet lead and hold it on the metal pipe clamp.The ground wire soldered directly to the bracket clamp.If you make a ground connection of the computer case, use one of the screws for attaching additional boards.Screw it to the other end of the wire, after stripping him.
you can make and a special grounding.Take the metal pipe or rod with a diameter of 5 cm and a length of
3 m. Remove from the surface of the paint, oil, rust and other contaminants.Drive the pipe into the ground so that the top end of it was below ground level by 0.5-1 m. Pipe weld steel wire with a diameter of about 5 mm.This will be the removal of the earth.Place the welding wire and the area extending to the surface of the earth, cover with bitumen, or asphalt gudronovym nail insulation corrosion.After that, the upper part of the rod or tube, close the ground.This method is used in ground including for lightning conductors.
If you are in the countryside, and nothing but a piece of wire at your hands there - to do otherwise.By the end of the bare wire tie weighting.As such, you can use any metal object.Suitable, for example, the old bucket.Shoot the subject in the nearest pond.The other end of the wire is connected to the earth terminals of the device (like a radio).Note that grounding is best to arrange to provide contact with groundwater.In winter, it should not freeze as the ice does not conduct electric current.Therefore, organizations need to bury his ground below the frost line.
If the soil is sandy, then arrange the grounding as a closed circuit made of iron bars in the form of a rectangle or square with sides of 3-5 m. If the soil is too dry and the ground water are too great depth insteadburied ground 0.5 - 1 kg of salt.But this method is best avoided as it is harmful to the environment and leads to rapid destruction of the metal parts of the earth.

Tip 2: How to make a grounding

We use a large number of electrical devices, it creates the risk of electric shock if not their operation.A simple way to deal with this danger lies in the arrangement of the ground.
How to make a grounding
Grounding - a system that allows you to take the current in the ground, respectively, the ground connection consists of the wires that come from a certain part of the power grid to the ground point connected to the ground.Typically, the grounding point using a metal rod, most often steel or copper.
In modern apartments wiring consists of three wires, one of which is grounded, so when you turn the unit into the earthing-pin, it is becoming grounded.But particularly powerful appliances - washing machine, electric oven, computers better ground further, as their body may be quite a lot of stress, even when included in the earthing-pin.
Electric panel in the entrance necessarily grounded, so the best solution would be to bring grounding to it.Select the plate loose pin or terminal, make sure that the selected point is not summed up other wires.To make sure your ground wire is securely fastened to the shield, use spring washer.If the panel is no free connection points, you can manually drill a hole in it and set screw, to which you need to bring is your ground wire.
In no case can not be used as a point of ground water pipes, in this grounding of electric shock risk in the bathroom, not only you, but also the unsuspecting neighbors.
At ground equipment in a private house dig three pit depth of half a meter.The pits must be at vertices of an equilateral triangle with Stronach 1.2 meters, connect the pit trenches.Beat sharpened metal electrodes into the pits.Connect the electrodes at the vertices of the metal strip between them.The connections must be made by welding.Spend a metal tape to the location where grounding will come to the surface next to the house.Connect the ground wire coming out of the house to the ground point.
Helpful Hint
More recently, as the ground is often asked to use water pipes.These tips can be found in the old technical literature.Now, this method is not always applicable, because the water supply systems have been widely used plastic pipes.


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