Tip 1: To view a movie on a computer

Each month the world and domestic film industry gives us new box office hits. view movies can be not only in cinema but also to computer .In addition, some movies out only on TV, but thanks to the recording, you can watch them over and over again.Therefore it is necessary to know how to watch a movie on a computer .
Watching a movie on a computer can be carried out with the help of a DVD or video file with the help of which pre-recorded on the hard drive.To view the film, which is recorded on a DVD disc you want to insert the disk into the drive.After that, the program will launch «autorun».If it does not, open "My Computer" and manually run the drive.To do this, double-click on the image of the drive.
Then start downloading the movie.It will open in the program, which is set by default to view certain video formats.This program is called Video.They there are so many and each uses them to his taste and discretion.The most popular program for viewing video are «KMPlayer»,
«K-Lite Codec Pack», «Windows Media Player», «VLC Media Player».Having your computer each of these programs, you can open any video format.
Launch Player gives you the choice available in the disc.By clicking on the desired movie, you will be able to download and view.To download and view a film, which is written to the hard disk of your computer, you just need to open it as a normal file.The system determines the file format and automatically select the desired program.

Tip 2: How to watch movies on your computer

Computer has long ceased to be just a computing device.Now this - the center of multimedia entertainment.The computer allows you to listen to music, watch movies.However, for this you need to install special software that will handle music and video files.
How to watch movies on your computer
you need
  • run correctly on your computer with the video you should download the software codecs "K-Lite", "XviD" and "DivX".
Download and install the codec "DivX".This freeware codec for video processing.Available on the link producer http://dist.divx.com/divx/DivXInstaller.exe
Codec "xvid" - freeware, open source codec that is available for free download.In some ways it is superior to Div-x, in some way inferior to him.In order to be able to open the video files are compressed this codec it is also necessary to install it in the system.The site developer you can not find the finished program, only the source code, but the search engines can easily find the compiled, prepared for installation in the codec.
"K-lite codec pack" - a collection of several codecs including and "DivX", and "xvid", and several other codecs required for comfortable viewing of movies with a computer.By setting this collection, you will automatically install all the codecs that are included in it.Most often this is enough to see most of the video.This program is also free and has no limitations to download.Download it from the manufacturer's website: http://www.codecguide.com/
When upgrading to download new codecs from the manufacturer, and do not forget to remove the installation of an older version.


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